A Pro is an access to the Pro Interface of ClicRDV. Its main attributes are a pair of «email / password» which permit authentified connection to the Pro Interface of ClicRDV.

Retrieve the pros of a group

GET /api/v1/groups/:group_id/pros

Standard fields

Field Type Description
lastname string(255) Last name
firstname string(255) First name
email string(255) E-mail address (needed to log in on the Pro Interface)
synched_at datetime Date of the latest synchronizing of the Pro Interface
group_id integer Main group identifier (to be specified only on POST requests)
cellphone string (optional) Mobile phone number

Note The group_id attribute is not available when reading data. It must be specified on POST requests only to tell the ClicRDV API which group will be mainly used by the new pro we're creating.

Log in with a ClicRDV Pro

Two authentication methods are available:

  • with HTTP Basic (we highly recommend HTTPS)
  • with a session

See Authentication.