Online Appointment Module

The online appointment module offers several parameters to configure its behaviour. The parameters are transmitted through the URL :

Important Replace :urlname by your own URL identifier.

Pre-selecting the service

If your website already details the services you offer, you can setup a 'Book Now' link for each of these services, so that the user doesn't have to re-select the service on the appointment module.

Parameter Type Description
intervention_ids array of integers List of services identifiers
intervention_id (deprecated) integer Service identifier
intervention_extern_ids array of integers List of external identifiers of interventions
interventionset_ids array of integers List identifiers of categories interventions
interventionset_extern_ids array of integers List external identifiers of categories interventions
freeze string Allow to block the choice of intervention (or intervention category) on the pre-selected element
Possibles values "interventions", "interventionsets"
Works only if we pass parameter of pre-selection of prestation or category prestation

Examples :[]=1[]=1&intervention_ids[]=2

Note You can find the services identifiers, by clicking "Services identifiers" in the "Online Appointment Module" page of the administration.

Pre-selecting the calendar

If you allow the choice of the calendar, you can preselect it to directly display the available time slots.

Parameter Type Description
calendar_id integer Calendar identifier

Note You can find the calendar identifiers, by clicking "Calendar identifiers" on the "Online Appointment Module" page of the administration.

Note If you activated the "Without preference" for the calendar selection, you can pass 0 to pre-select it.

Pre-selecting date & time

Parameter Type Description
date datetime as %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%s Date and time of the appointment. If the time is not specified, all slots available on this day will be displayed.

Important This parameter requires the intervention_ids to be specified.

Example :\

Callback and modification URLs

Parameter Type Description
return_url string Callback URL. Once the appointment is booked, the user will be redirected to this URL when he clicks on the 'Exit' button.
modify_url string modification URL. If the available slots are displayed on your website, the user will be redirected to this URL when he clicks on the 'Modify' link.

Note You can use the 'params' option to set the return_url to the current URL:

  CLICRDV.renderWidget('link', 'rdv-clicrdv', {
    params: {return_url: window.location.href}

Pre-filling the form

Use-case: The user is already logged in on your website, and you already have information about his name / email / phone number. You can pre-fill the confirmation form so the user will not have to enter this information again :[lastname]=Dupont&fiche[firstname]=laurent&...[str1]=Paris&vevent[bool0]=1&...

Note The available fields depends on your module configuration. You can get the list in the Administration "Customization" tab.

Appointment source tracking

You can track the source of your appointments by using the websource parameters in your links.

For example, if you want a link on your facebook page to your appointment module, you can add :

Note If you do not specify this parameter, the module will automatically detect the referrer of the link.

Styling the appointment module

Parameter Type Description
nologo boolean hide the logo at the top (ex:
nofooter boolean hide the footer at the bottom (ex:
popin boolean Adapts the display to a smaller size (recommended for iframe integrations) (ex:
colors associative array By default, the module will have the colors that you set up in the administration (Tab Internet > Colors and Logo). Those colors can be overriden through the URL to provide a better integration : (ex:[content_text]=FF0000&colors[content_bg]=FEFEFE).

  • Page colors : page_bg, page_text
  • Content colors : content_bg, content_text, content_links
  • Notification blocs : hl_content_bg, hl_content_border, hl_content_text
  • Default button colors : default_button_bg, default_button_text
  • Primary color (action buttons, tabs, etc) : main_bg, main_text
  • Odd timeslots columns : odd_timeslot_col_bg, odd_timeslot_col_text, odd_timeslot_col_links
  • Even timeslots columns : even_timeslot_col_bg, even_timeslot_col_text, even_timeslot_col_links
  • Text field colors : input_bg, input_text, input_border
styles string Option to make the background of the page transparent (ex: