Account API

Create an Account

POST /api/v1/accounts
Field Type Description
email string (255) Email adress
group_id integer Group identifier
pendingRdv text (optional) store temporary information about the appointment, waiting for the email to be confirmed.
"{\"intervention_ids\":[710],\"intervention_names\":[\"Terrain pour 10 joueurs (5 contre 5):10 min d’échauffement avec ballon puis 50min de jeu\"],\"calendar_id\":0,\"calendar_name\":\"Peu importe\",\"date\":\"2010-09-30 12:30:00\"}

Example with Curl :

$ curl \
       -d '{"account":{"email":"[email protected]","group_id":4}}' \
       -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

Note See more examples with Curl.

Login with an account

To login with an account, please refer to the authentication documentation.