Customfields API

Customized fields can be managed from the admin interface.

The field's name depends on the type of the data to store:

  • Boolean field (checkbox), boolX, X=0..9
  • Date field dtX, X=0..1
  • Number field numX, X=0..3
  • Text field (<255) strX, X=0..14
  • Long text field txtX, X=0..2

You can execute the following requests to list all the customized fields on the « Fiche » or « Vevent » resource:

Example for Fiche

GET /api/v1/groups/:id/customfields.json?apikey=xxxxxx&\

Example for Appointment

GET /api/v1/groups/:id/customfields.json?apikey=xxxxxx&\
      "created_at":"2016-07-29 10:19:54",
      "pro_inputex":"{"type":"datesplit","label":"Né(e) le","name":"birthdate","dateFormat":"d/m/Y"}",
      "pro_label":"Né(e) le",
      "updated_at":"2017-01-03 14:28:47",

Each custom field returned will have a name field (= the name of the field in the system) and a pro_label (= the name of the field in the pro interface), so that you can identify which name is used internally by the system.

There is 2 possibles configurations :

  • "pro" : related to configuration of the field in Calendar
  • "user" : related to configuration of the field for internet appointement